Melbourne City sailor mascot hides the bull mascot's eyes from a stall selling roast beef
(Image: Twitter/Hyundai A-League)

VIDEO: Melbourne City sailor mascot hides bull mascot’s eyes from roast beef stall

Pair got lost in the food court ahead of clash with Brisbane Roar.



Melbourne City’s sailor mascot was forced to cover the eyes of the club’s fellow bull mascot as the pair passed a stall selling roast beef rolls ahead of a game against Brisbane Roar on Friday night.

Melbourne City adjusted their mascot lineup when they changed name from Melbourne Heart and now feature a bull, ram, whale and sailor – apparently a modern twist on the City of Melbourne flag.

Melbourne City might be on top of the table, but they will always be the club that has a cow, whale, a sheep and a sailor mascot

— Maria 99. (@mariamaraki09) March 18, 2016

Before kick-off in the Australian A-League clash currently taking place at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, the duo could be seen walking around the food court.

Melbourne City’s bull mascot is filmed getting lost in the line for the roast beef outlet before being led away while the sailor points to it accusingly.

Just trying to watch some football, but my partner is more concerned about the pigeon walking around the field all game #birdwatch #MCYvBRI pic.twitter.com/fKuEfmXCJZ

— Nick Morgan (@nd21189) January 11, 2019