Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira pretends to use his foot to pour milk on cereal
(Image: Twitter/Match of the Day)

VIDEO: Man Utd’s Andreas Pereira pretends to pour milk with his foot

Unorthodox cereal preparation.



Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira pretended to pour milk over cereal using his foot in this video shared to his Instagram.

Apparently based on an existing TikTok, the Belgian’s clip is amusing for the obviousness with which he sneaks a hand into a sock to perform the deed.

More creativity in this video than his entire United career.

— Dillon McNiff (@DillonMcNifff) April 2, 2020

Austere classical music accompanies the visuals to help create an atmosphere, and at the end he puts his hands together and bows to camera.

Pereira had made 37 appearances in all competitions for Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s Red Devils this season by the time football was postponed amid the COVID-19 outbreak.