Watford fan's family sings coronavirus parody of song from Les Misérables
(Image: Facebook/Ben Marsh)

VIDEO: Watford fan’s family sings coronavirus parody of song from Les Misérables

One Day More on the subject on isolation.


A Watford fan and his family adapted One Day More from the musical Les Misérables and brought it up to date with coronavirus lyrics.

COVID-19 has brought households together with everyone told to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the virus.


A video of the coronavirus parody song, that features one of the children wearing a Watford shirt, has gone viral across the world after being shared on Facebook.

The Marsh family have been interviewed and featured on news reports as far away as the USA and Australia.

MAKING MUSIC: @DavidMuir reports on one family in Kent, England, whose bickering before their stay-at-home performance from Les Miserables made millions smile, with a message for Americans and the world during this pandemic fight. #AmericaStrong https://t.co/wIixdvTF1Y pic.twitter.com/ggi6Z3sDy1

— World News Tonight (@ABCWorldNews) April 1, 2020