Man Utd's Phil Jones is told off by vice-chairman Ed Woodward at West Ham
(Image: Twitter/Cai Sherlock)

VIDEO: Man Utd’s Phil Jones is told off by vice-chairman Ed Woodward for on-camera comment at West Ham

Awkward exchange as they watch Ole Gunnar Solskjær's side slump to defeat.



Phil Jones appeared to get a scolding from Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward after muttering something under his breath during a 0-2 defeat at West Ham.

Woodward and Jones were seated in front of one another at the London Stadium on Saturday with the latter not in the matchday squad due to injury.


The Sky Sports cameras covering the game picked up the moment Ed Woodward seemed to turn around to give the Man Utd defender a telling off.

There has been much speculation online as to what was exchanged between the pair.

Bad Lip Reading?

Jones: ‘Sacked in the morning’

Woodward: ‘will you ever stop’ pic.twitter.com/HVF7x8MlQI

— The United Stand (@UnitedStandMUFC) September 22, 2019

Many suggest Phil Jones may have said, “sacked in the morning”.

And the general consensus seems to be that he was then told to be quiet by his superior in some manner.

Phil Jones being told to shut up by Ed Woodward is exactly what I needed today. #MUFC #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/4S3dUzk9Ag

— Mike (@Hello_ItsMike) September 22, 2019