Toilet roll sends glass of red wine flying onto sofa
(Image: Twitter/Sam Westley)

VIDEO: Man knocks glass of red wine onto sofa doing kick-ups with toilet roll

Kick-ups go awry.


Best #StayAtHomeChallenge I’ve seen @JakeHurst6 pic.twitter.com/apttcIfLrT

— Sam Westley (@SamWestley1) March 22, 2020

This man knocked a glass of red wine onto his sofa while doing the toilet roll challenge at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Wearing his pyjamas, he starts doing the kick-ups in his open-plan living room but quickly loses control of the loo paper.

It was at this moment that he knew he'd fucked it pic.twitter.com/quKr2kgFUX

— Jack (@JackH_97) March 23, 2020

There are dire consequences for his furniture as the roll loops into his living room area and knocks over a glass of wine on the table.

It spills all over his couch, eliciting a foul-mouthed cry of exasperation in response.