Arsenal's Granit Xhaka tricks his young daughter into tasting lemon
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VIDEO: Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka tricks his baby into sucking a lemon

Elicits predictable reaction.


Arsenal star Granit Xhaka tricked his baby daughter into tasting a slice of lemon while keeping himself entertained at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although slightly mean, the prank nevertheless results in an absolutely precious facial expression from the unsuspecting infant.


— D e l c a o #uzaklaşlanuzaklaş (@delilyaman) March 27, 2020

After initially showing the slice of lemon to camera, Swiss midfielder Xhaka approaches the little girl and offers her a bite, which she trustingly accepts.

The reaction is predictable – she recoils at the bitter taste, wrinkling her face in aversion at the unfamiliar citric blast.

Xhaka then shared the clip on Instagram for his followers to enjoy.