Uruguay's Luis Suárez claimed handball when the Chile goalkeeper saved his shot in the penalty area at Copa América 2019
(Image: Twitter/Premier Sports)

VIDEO: Luis Suárez claims handball when goalkeeper saves his shot in the penalty area during Chile vs Uruguay

Appears to signal to the referee in first-half of Copa América clash.



Uruguay’s Luis Suárez appeared to call for a handball after the Chile goalkeeper saved his shot in a Copa América group stage clash on Monday night.

The Uruguayans defeated Chile 1-0 in Group C thanks to a late goal from striker Edinson Cavani.

There is only 1 player in the world who would appeal for a handball against the goalkeeper: Luis Suarez pic.twitter.com/BWk9UlbCqI

— John Kokkoris (@jKokkoris8) June 24, 2019


But, with the scores still level in the first-half, it was his controversial teammate who drew the attention.

Suárez puts his arms in the air as if to signal a handball to the ref as Gabriel Arias saves his shot, despite the Chile goalkeeper being clearly positioned within his own penalty area.


Here's Luis Suárez appealing for a handball, and penalty because Chile's GK handled it in the box: pic.twitter.com/AWOA9o7ssz

— Adam Brandon (@AdamBrandon84) June 24, 2019

A number of viewers noticed the suggestion of a handball gesture while watching the game at home.

It’s five years since another Luis Suárez controversy – when he bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup.