A loud bang coming from PSG supporters startles a LIverpool fan in his car
(Image: Twitter/Mike Burns)

VIDEO: Loud bang from PSG fans shocks Liverpool supporter in car

Man goes on to clarify he's not a taxi driver.

PSG fans almost gave @Boblfc a heart attack! pic.twitter.com/iJxCrbayjo

— Mike Burns (@spriteburns) September 19, 2018

A loud bang coming from Paris Saint-Germain fans outside Anfield startled this Liverpool supporter in his car before last week’s Champions League clash.

Any lingering nerves might have been further challenged by an eventful encounter that saw the Reds squander a two-goal lead before a stoppage time winner from Roberto Firmino.

The startled man was also at pains to point out that he’s not in fact a taxi driver, as presumably some have mistaken him for:

Just to correct a misnomer that has emerged particularly it seems amongst my many new friends in France . I’m the father of the chap who took the video and I had picked him from the station . I’m not a taxi driver .

— BOB LFC (@Boblfc) September 22, 2018