Liverpool fan sings Roberto Firmino chant with block of flats in the early morning
(Image: Twitter/Jambags)

VIDEO: Liverpool fan conducts singalong outside block of flats at 6AM

A line for each window.


6am in Liverpool! An hour earlier this fella had been singing and ppl were opening windows telling him to stfu it’s early! An hour in and he is now orchestrating the whole apartment block in a sing song😂😂 @Ad_Lavender @MolloyOliver pic.twitter.com/XqCrJPn24r

— Jambags (@jambags) May 13, 2019

A Liverpool supporter conducted a block of flats through a Roberto Firmino chant at 6am in the morning from the pavement outside.

Following the end of season, a man was filmed by one of the occupants as he danced around, helping each open window through a line of the song.

Heres the POV version. Ill admit, I was a bit out of character here. pic.twitter.com/vgXUqYklht

— Benjamin Skjønhaug Lamouri (@Lamouri) May 13, 2019

Despite creating a lot of noise in the early morning light, the fan seems to have got most of them on board.

Norwegian Benjamin Skjønhaug Lamouri is said to have received a bit of abuse after waking people up an hour earlier but appears to have turned the situation around.