Liverpool fan sings Roberto Firmino chant with block of flats in the early morning
(Image: Twitter/Jambags)

VIDEO: Liverpool fan conducts singalong outside block of flats at 6AM

A line for each window.



A Liverpool supporter conducted a block of flats through a Roberto Firmino chant at 6am in the morning from the pavement outside.

Following the end of season, a man was filmed by one of the occupants as he danced around, helping each open window through a line of the song.

Heres the POV version. Ill admit, I was a bit out of character here. pic.twitter.com/vgXUqYklht

— Benjamin Skjønhaug Lamouri (@Lamouri) May 13, 2019

Despite creating a lot of noise in the early morning light, the fan seems to have got most of them on board.

Norwegian Benjamin Skjønhaug Lamouri is said to have received a bit of abuse after waking people up an hour earlier but appears to have turned the situation around.