J2 League side Montedio Yamagata score the first of two quickfire goals from their own half
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VIDEO: Japanese side score from their own half twice within 90 seconds

Questions over opposition goalkeeper.


Montedio Yamagata scored twice from their own half in the space of ninety seconds in their 3-0 J2 League win over Ehime on Sunday.

Serious questions had to be asked of the opposition goalkeeper when Shun Nakamura lobbed him from long range in the 61st minute.

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グッズ販売のみなさま、一平くん @ippei69 もお疲れさまでした。

日本のサッカーを盛り上げていきましょう!#ehimefc @ehime_fc pic.twitter.com/h31Q3Mv2It

— モンテディオ山形広報/Montedio Yamagata (@monte_prstaff) October 27, 2019

And the Ehime ‘keeper was made to look even more foolish when Tatsuhiro Sakamoto caught him way off his line again just over a minute later.

The result leaves Montedio 2nd in the table after 38 games played, eight points behind leaders Kashiwa Reysol.