Jamie Carragher was spotted at Bongo's Bingo gasping at a nearly naked man
(Image: md.faisalzaman)

VIDEO: Jamie Carragher shocked by almost-nude man at Bongo’s Bingo

Filmed gasping at racy antics.



A visibly shocked Jamie Carragher was filmed gasping at the racy onstage antics of a nearly naked man at a Bongo’s Bingo club night.

With just a sock covering his modesty, the unknown punter’s task appears to be something along the lines of flicking a hat onto his head using his foot.

While we aren’t privy to it from the camera’s perspective, former Liverpool defender Carragher’s view from the back may well explain his reaction.

Liverpool club night Bongo’s Bingo describes itself as a cross between a traditional bingo night and a techno rave.