VIDEO: IFK v Malmö abandoned as Tobias Sana throws corner flag at fans

Substitute responds to having firework thrown at him with foolish stunt.

Tobias Sana throws a corner flag at fans during IFK v Malmö, leading to the match being abandoned
MAKESHIFT MISSILE: Corner flag (Image: Twitter/Dan Cobb)

Watch the moment Malmö’s Tobias Sana throws a corner flag at IFK Göteborg fans, causing their match to be abandoned in the 78th minute.

The rival Swedish teams were locked at 0-0 when IFK fans started hurling fireworks at the Malmö substitutes warming up on the touchline.

One of the bangers went off right by Sana, even giving the camera a bit of a jolt in the following footage:

Ingen liten smäll. Hela TV-kameran på andra långsidan skakar till ordentligt #MalmöFF #IFKGbg pic.twitter.com/jKRCgCSyZL

— Jacob Leander-Olsson (@jacoblo) April 27, 2016

26-year-old winger Sana was mightily displeased, and took out his annoyance at the IFK fans by lobbing one of the corner flags at them javelin-style:

Video of Malmo sub Tobias Sana throwing the corner flag into the IFK Goteborg fans after they threw a banger at him. pic.twitter.com/jgZPDb2Jld

— Dan Cobb (@Daniel_Cobb) April 27, 2016

It’s hard to imagine that Sana will escape unpunished for throwing the corner flag, but neither should those fans throwing fireworks get off scot-free if they are caught.

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