Hibernian's Jason Cummings wrestles Grado from BBC's Insane Fight Club at the club's training ground
(Image: Twitter/Jason Cummings‏)

VIDEO: Hibernian’s Jason Cummings wrestles Grado from BBC’s Insane Fight Club at training ground

CumDog makes grand entrance into lunch hall.


Oi @gradowrestling it's Yersel Cumdog!! Think you can eat lunch in my training centre think again brother 💪🏼 #Cumdog pic.twitter.com/gn7fJzEldu

— Jason Cummings (@Jasoncummings35) April 18, 2017

Billing himself as the CumDog, Hibernian’s Jason Cummings stormed into the cafeteria at the club’s training ground to confront wrestler Grado of BBC Insane Fight Club fame.

Wearing only his pants, with bandages around his head and wrist, a sock over the other hand and CumDog crudely written across his chest, the 21-year-old striker makes a dramatic entrance into the lunch hall at the Hibernian Training Centre.

Grado is sat at a table in his wrestling gear and a bout ensues.

This is a good action shot:

The Flying Knee 😂😂@Jasoncummings35 @gradowrestling pic.twitter.com/R5MYiHCajg

— Dylan McGeouch (@DMcGeouch) April 18, 2017

The confrontation between the pair then continued on Twitter after Cummings uploaded footage of the fight to his profile:

@Jasoncummings35 this is far from over cum dog.. attack a man whilst he's at his soup 😡😡😡😡

— GRADO (@gradowrestling) April 18, 2017

@gradowrestling Cumdog is going to Wrestlemania and you can't stop me Grado. You know where to find me 👊🏼#Rematch #MrSocko

— Jason Cummings (@Jasoncummings35) April 18, 2017