Ghanaian television personality Akwasi Boadi reads out Premier League scores
(Image: Twitter/Taffin)

VIDEO: Ghanaian comedian reads out Premier League scores

Announced with riveting gusto.


This Ghanaian news presenter reading the football results is incredible pic.twitter.com/MjCH7Syw0b

— Taffin (@i124nk8) November 17, 2020

Ghanaian actor and comedian Akwasi Boadi read out Premier League scores with real gusto in a clip that’s going viral on social media.

The 58-year-old TV personality, known also as Akrobeto, announced the most recent round of results for a comedy sketch as part of The Real News with Akrobeto.

He then reads Seria A and it enters a parallel universe pic.twitter.com/fpP6lr6e8L

— Taffin (@i124nk8) November 17, 2020

His voice goes higher and cracks when he encounters a dauntingly long team name such as West Bromwich Albion, giving the impression of a beleaguered announcer.

Things then get even more bizarre as he tries to wrap his tongue around the results from Serie A, Italy’s top flight.

🇪🇸 César Azpilicueta
🇫🇷 César Azpilicueta
🇩🇪 César Azpilicueta
🇮🇹 César Azpilicueta
🇬🇧 César Azpilicueta
🦅 … pic.twitter.com/mVwRn6weHH

— Falcons (@Falcons) November 16, 2020