Fake fans celebrate goal at Southend United while filming for upcoming Rise of the Footsoldier film
(Image: Twitter/Alex Jones)

VIDEO: Fan actors celebrate goal at Southend for upcoming film

Social distancing goes out the window.

Rise of the Foot Soldier being filmed today at Roots Hall.
Real football fans aren’t allowed into stadiums, but fake football fans are? Speechless. pic.twitter.com/gcQfB6jYFH

— Alex Jones (@alexjxnes) November 15, 2020

Social distancing went out of the window as pretend fans celebrated a goal at Southend United’s Roots Hall stadium while filming for a Channel 5 film.

The scene, for the next instalment of UK crime drama Rise of the Footsoldier, required the extras to gather together in close proximity in the stand.


This of course is still not allowed for actual matches, with games continuing to be played behind closed doors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As such, there has been outcry in some quarters about the gathering in this clip.