Galatasaray fans tie a dropped phone to the end of a length of scarves tied together before pulling it back to its owner in the upper tier
(Image: Facebook/433)

VIDEO: Galatasaray fans return phone dropped from upper tier with length of scarves tied together

Device hoisted back to owner.

Galatasaray fans worked together at the Türk Telekom Arena to return a dropped phone back to its owner when the device fell from the upper tier of a stand.

In a packed stadium, the mobile phone had apparently been lost amongst the jubilant crowd below.

But, in a testament to the ingenuity of football supporters, a long length of club scarves tied together was slowly lowered towards the seats near where the phone had landed.

The mobile was attached to the bottom end of the improvised rope before being gently hoisted up and back into the hands of its rightful owner.