Freiburg manager Christian Streich falls over following David Abraham's shoulder barge
(Image: Streamja)

VIDEO: Frankfurt player sent off for knocking over Freiburg manager

Shoulder-barges him to the ground.



Frankfurt’s David Abraham was sent off for shoulder-barging Freiburg manager Christian Streich to the ground.

Sunday’s Bundesliga match at the Dreisamstadion descended into mayhem when the ball went out of play in stoppage time, with Freiburg leading 1-0.

Here again from a different angle. Frankfurt’s Abraham pushes coach Freiburg coach Christian Streich to the ground. pic.twitter.com/UNw5h8AdI1

— Alima (@AlimaHotakie) November 10, 2019

In no hurry to get play restarted, Streich let the ball go past him – and Abraham let his frustration get the better of him.

He charged straight into the opposition boss as he hurried to retrieve the ball, earning himself a red card and sparking chaotic scenes.