New York City midfielder Frank Lampard catches ice cream at a shop in America
(Image: Instagram/Frank Lampard)

VIDEO: Frank Lampard catches ice cream scoop thrown in shop

Appears to have been allowed behind the counter.

Straight in😀😀

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See Frank Lampard catch a scoop of ice cream in his tub after being allowed behind the counter at a shop in the United States.

Apparently enjoying life in New York, the recently married former Chelsea midfielder took time out from his busy schedule to grab a cold snack over the festive period.

The staff appeared to be delighted to serve one of New York City FC’s latest stars and the team pulled off a special moment as the ice cream was tossed from one end of the store to another.

Lampard uploaded a video of the ice cream catch to his Instagram account alongside the caption, “Straight in”.

His daughter was, understandably, delighted and can be heard boasting:

He’s my daddy!