Real Madrid's James Rodríguez is chased by police after allegedly being caught speeding
(Image: YouTube/Goals BR)

VIDEO: Real Madrid’s James Rodríguez chased by police after allegedly speeding

Real Madrid star in reported 7 km police chase after allegedly speeding on the way to training.

After realising he was running late for his first Real Madrid training session of the new year, big money midfielder James Rodríguez was allegedly spotted by police driving on the motorway at speeds of 200 km per hour.

It is also alleged the the player failed to heed orders to stop as the unmarked police car reportedly chased Rodríguez for over 7 km, all the way to the training centre in Valdebebas, where security guards can be seen informing them of the driver’s identity.

The Colombian star appears to have not noticed the blaring siren and microphone instructions emanating from the vehicle behind him.

The audio from the police car as well as some of their dialogue with the staff at the entrance gate can be heard on the news clip reporting on the bemusing incident.

Below, Cristiano Ronaldo mocks his team-mate James Rodríguez following the police chase: