Former player Paul Beesley excited by the return of English football
(Image: Twitter/beesley_jake)

VIDEO: Former Sheffield United player Paul Beesley can’t contain his excitement for the return of English football

"One on Monday, two on Tuesday..."



Former Premier League centre-back Paul Beesley, who had spells at a host of clubs including Wigan Athletic and Sheffield United, was filmed discussing the realisation that several matches could be played each week when elite football restarts.

With the top leagues currently suspended due to coronavirus, plans are being made for how the season can be resumed.


Beesley, 54, is seen in this clip shared by his son, Jake, getting more and more excited as it dawns on him exactly how many games might be available to watch on TV.

With organisers keen to complete the campaign as soon as possible, there could be a bevvy of clashes squeezed into a short space of time.

Think he’s headed 1 too many balls.

— Dean Learner (@bakedfootballer) May 29, 2020