VIDEO: Five players sent off in Bradford Crawley brawl

Crawley manager Steve Evans
Evans... Arranged antics (Image: Sicknote10)

It’s rare we see a serious fight on a football pitch in the UK – it’s usually all a lot of handbags (which is preferable, don’t get me wrong).

In fact, the last altercation we featured came all the way from Tanzania.

In case you missed it though, Bradford and Crawley have set a new standard here. Their disputes became violent after the final whistle and five players were sent off, with more cards to possibly follow. If the FA does take further action, the game will set a new record for the most red cards in a league game.

Crawley are well known for their intimidating style and their “antics” were blamed by Bradford manager Phil Parkinson.

Parkinson turned his back on Crawley manager Steve Evans after the bad-tempered game, which the Red Devils’ won 2-1, while Bradford’s Andrew Davies seemed to throw a punch at Crawley’s Claude Davis. Currently on loan from Premiership Stoke, Davies will be banned for five matches after his third red card of the season.

Watch a video of the fracas below: