Five Monaco players take on 55 kids
(Image: Twitter/Conforama FC)

VIDEO: Five Monaco players play match against 55 children

A tight encounter ensues.


Five Monaco players played a match against no less than 55 children, with these highlights of the contest enhanced by sound effects of a roaring sell-out crowd.

Jordi Mboula, Rachid Ghezzal, Rony Lopes, Pietro Pellegri and Moussa Sylla lined up against a team of youngsters comprising of five goalkeepers, twenty defenders, twenty midfielders and ten attackers.

Needless to say, formations go out of the window as a swarm of kids hares towards the ball at every opportunity.

A tight encounter winds up going to a penalty shootout, with the victors eventually settled by an intriguing move that appears to contravene the laws of the game.