A fan hits his friend on the head with a pan while celebrating Man Utd penalty winner at PSG
(Image: Twitter/@VintageJDA)

VIDEO: Fan hits friend on head with frying pan while celebrating Man Utd winner against PSG

Accidental blow floors supporter watching Marcus Rashford's late penalty on TV.


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— DJ (@VintageJDA) March 6, 2019

A Manchester United fan watching their added-time penalty winner at PSG in front of the television found himself hit on the head with a pan by his friend as they celebrated.

The pair wildly danced about the room and tipped over a chair as Marcus Rashford converted his spot-kick to give Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s side an away goals win on aggregate on Wednesday night.


Stunned as the visitors overturned a two-goal deficit from the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 tie, one of the them picked up a frying pan from the kitchen and swung it.

Apparently not realising his mate was in close proximity, the supporter was smacked in the head with it before crashing to the floor as his attacker put his hands on his head.