Australian commentator Brian Taylor shouts "that was out of bounds" after VAR rules on Ajax goal at Real Madrid in their 1-4 win
(Image: Twitter/Fox Sports)

VIDEO: Australian commentator repeatedly shouts “that was out of bounds” after controversial Ajax goal in Madrid

VAR did not overturn Dušan Tadić's strike.



A commentator covering Real Madrid’s shocking 1-4 defeat to Ajax on Australia’s Optus Sport yelled “that was out of bounds” over and over after a goal was allowed despite the ball appearing to go out of play in the build up.

A long VAR review did not overturn Ajax midfielder Dušan Tadić’s 62nd-minute strike that helped the visitors to 3-5 win on aggregate after the stunning result at the Bernabéu on Tuesday night.


Australian commentator Brian Taylor was shocked by the controversial decision, repeatedly stating the obvious to viewers of the Champions League Round of 16 second leg tie.

In the clip you can hear him shouting, “that was out of bounds!” a total of eight times.