Two drunk men crash to the pavement after tripping each other up playing football with a can
(Image: Twitter/Deco21)

VIDEO: Drunk guys trip each other up playing football with a can on the pavement

They tumble together.

Get them in that European super league then #plers pic.twitter.com/hzpXZxmHp8

— Deco21 (@lang_declan) April 20, 2021

Two drunk men contrived to trip each other up while trying to play football with an empty can that they found lying on the pavement.

Inexplicably being filmed from across the street, they encounter the tin on the ground and decide upon an impromptu kickabout.

I'm sure the guy in the green played at CB for Spurs tonight

— Tidy (@Tidy_Yid) April 21, 2021

As one man tries to dribble it around the other, their legs tangle and they both go crashing down to the concrete.

It is unclear from this clip whether or not they decided to continue playing after getting back to their feet.