Photographer at Larne whose shoelaces got tied to a fence
(Image: Twitter/Shane Todd)

VIDEO: Photographer’s shoelaces tied to fence at Larne

Steward has to come and release him.

Last weekend in Larne someone tied a photographers shoelace to a fence without him knowing

There already is a ‘Super League’. It’s called the Irish League. pic.twitter.com/n8euUJWh6E

— Shane Todd (@shanetodd) April 20, 2021

A photographer’s shoelaces got tied to a fence at Larne’s Inver Park stadium during their 5-0 NIFL Premiership win over Warrenpoint last Friday.

Whether they got accidentally entangled or it was a deliberate prank is not made clear in this clip, in which we see the man rolling around on the ground by one of the corner flags.

Brilliant!!! I had my laces tied together at Yeovil when I’d got my coat over my head editing pics after the game. I’m not sure who it was, maybe @LeighCurtis_NP or @CharlieSlater15 could shed some light on it 🤪

— Dan Westwell 🇬🇧 (@DanWestwell) April 21, 2021

His plight is greeted with much laughter from onlookers, and a steward eventually takes pity on him and comes to untie the laces.

There is also an ambulance driver who appears to offer him a consolatory snack.