Deportes Tolima goalkeeper Álvaro Montero hugs referee after final whistle of win at Millonarios
(Image: Twitter/ Felipe Hincapié Arias)

VIDEO: Deportes Tolima goalkeeper hugs displeased referee at full-time

Ref had denied opponents crucial late penalty.


— Felipe Hincapié Arias (@FHinca_) June 20, 2021

Deportes Tolima goalkeeper Álvaro Montero hugged a displeased referee at full time of his side’s Categoría Primera A final win at Millonarios.

Tolima became champions of Colombia with a 2-1 victory at the Estadio El Campín on Saturday, Juan Fernando Caicedo’s second-half double ensuring a 3-2 aggregate win.


Amidst scenes of jubilation at the final whistle, Montero surged out of his goal and wrapped his arms around the ref, who did not take to the gesture kindly.

The matchday official shook him off then spun around to glare at him, presumably all too aware that he’d denied Millonarious a crucial late penalty.