Sergio Agüero playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
(Image: Twitter/Marathonbet)

VIDEO: Classic Martin Tyler commentary dubbed over Sergio Agüero playing Fall Guys

Man City star played game on Twitch stream.


Someone has dubbed Martin Tyler’s iconic commentary over Sergio Aguero playing Fall Guys, and it is everything. @ManCity | #ManCity


— Marathonbet (@marathonbet) August 10, 2020

A fan dubbed a snippet of classic Martin Tyler commentary over footage of Man City star Sergio Agüero playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The audio comes from the final day of the 2011-12 season when the Argentine striker’s last-gasp winner against QPR earned his side the Premier League title.


In this clip, Tyler’s iconic and oft-repeated roar coincides with the moment Agüero’s character in the video game scores a diving header with a giant football.

He celebrates enthusiastically, taking his victories where he can during his continuing absence through injury as City prepare for their Champions League quarter-final against Lyon.