Chicken on pitch at Heracles vs Heerenveen
(Image: Twitter/FOX Sports)

VIDEO: Chicken on pitch at Heracles vs Heerenveen

Referee forced to stop Dutch Eredivisie clash after less than three minutes played.



Heerenveen’s trip to Heracles in the Dutch Eredivisie was interrupted by a chicken on the pitch in the first-half.

Shortly after kick-off at Polman Stadion in Almelo on Sunday, the referee stopped the match due to the unexpected intrusion.


Possibly smuggled into the ground and released by a supporter, the elegant bird suddenly appeared near one of the penalty areas in the third minute.

23-year-old Heracles captain Dario Van den Buijs took it upon himself to approach the chicken but was quickly outmanoeuvred.

Kip met ambities. #heracles #erveasito #herhee pic.twitter.com/gOcTieCa28

— Laura Smit (@annalaura87) August 4, 2019

Bijzonder. 'Supporters' van Heracles bekogelen het veld met eieren en laten een haan los op het veld. Supporters Heerenveen zingen Warner Hahn toe. #herhee #heracles pic.twitter.com/2sQes1nHuv

— Stan Waning (@stanwaning) August 4, 2019

One of the stadium staff was eventually able to catch it, garnering a cheer from the crowd observing the chase.

The home fans had thrown eggs onto the pitch before the game as part of a protest against the stadium being renamed.