A grump giant cup in BT Sport's FA Cup advert
(Image: Twitter/BT Sport)

VIDEO: BT Sport ad for FA Cup matches with a grumpy cup

Is not happy when people miss the games.



BT Sport will be showing a series of FA Cup matches in the new year and are running an ad campaign featuring a giant-sized cup becoming angry when people talk about missing the games.

The group of sports television channels in the UK will be broadcasting four FA Cup third round matches live on the first weekend in January, including Tranmere vs Spurs, Man Utd vs Reading, Blackpool vs Arsenal and Woking vs Watford.

In an effort to get viewers for the games, they have attempted to cause a backlash against those who are dismissive of the cup, preferring league clashes instead.

In several scenes the grumpy cup displays his disdain for those who identify just that point of view.