A commentator laughed hysterically as one player fouled himself
Should this be referred to as an 'own-foul'? (Image: YouTube/Esporte Interativo)

VIDEO: Brazilian commentator laughs hysterically as player fouls himself

Erupts as Diego Pereira Corrêa somehow manages to boot himself up into the air.


Watch the moment a commentator laughs really rather infectiously as one player fouls himself during a match in Brazil.

CRB left-back Diego Pereira Corrêa somehow managed to boot himself up into the air during a Campeonato Alagoano final against CSA, and the commentator just couldn’t contain himself.

He immediately erupts with gleeful, cartoonish laughter, the type that could be accurately spelt out in terms of hoo’s, hee’s and ha’s – and why not? Corrêa’s ‘own-foul’, as it might be dubbed, is utterly absurd after all.

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