RB Leipzig manager Ralf Rangnick gets an injury running away from beer shower after their promotion
(Image: YouTube/Bundesliga)

VIDEO: RB Leipzig manager gets an injury running away from beer shower after promotion

Ralf Rangnick pulls a muscle while trying to escape celebrations.


Trying to run away from his players who were keen to throw beer all over him after their promotion to the Bundesliga on Sunday, see the RB Leipzig manager cause himself an injury and fail to escape being covered in the liquid.

Following their 2-0 victory over Karlsruhe at the Red Bull Arena, Leipzig secured promotion to Germany’s top division and the players filled the large glass trophy with beer before chasing after their coach, as is customary in such situations.

Sprinting away from his charges, the 57-year-old former player and now manager of the Saxonian side, Ralf Rangnick appeared to suffer a muscle problem, falling to the floor in pain before they finally caught up with him and showed a little sympathy.