B&Q employee sings "it's coming home" to customers over tannoy
(Image: Twitter/Finan McKinney)

VIDEO: B&Q employee sings “it’s coming home” over tannoy after England 6-1 Panama

Gleefully announces score to customers.


Update: it’s coming home CONFIRMED #ENGPAN pic.twitter.com/3zfSMbFTf5

— Fin (@Finananan) June 24, 2018

A B&Q employee announced the England v Panama score to customers over the tannoy, adding a snatch of “Three Lions” for good measure.

Finan McKinney’s moment of glee was even featured in a BBC roundup of social media reaction to England’s 6-1 win, aired during half-time of Japan v Senegal.

England now go into Thursday’s clash with Belgium needing a win to top Group H.