Boy mouths commentary for classic Wolves 1-0 win at Cardiff in the Championship in the 2017/2018 season
(Image: Twitter/Mark Downes)

VIDEO: Boy mouths commentary for classic Wolves win in Cardiff

Enthralling final moments memorised by young fan.

@Wolves no live matches to watch so reliving the unreal Cardiff game with some alternative commentary! pic.twitter.com/JYgdIItFfZ

— Mark Downes (@dodster7) March 17, 2020

An enthusiastic young Wolves fan mouthed along with the epic commentary of their dramatic 1-0 win at Cardiff City in 2018.

Leading the Championship towards the end of the season before last, the second-placed home side managed to miss two stoppage-time penalties to give Wolves the three points.

Cardiff manager Neil Warnock looked on in dismay as Rúben Neves scored the only goal of the game with a stunning free kick.

One boy appears to have memorised the commentary of the final moments of the match that saw the team’s bench run onto the pitch to celebrate with the players.