YouTuber ChrisMD smashes girlfriend's car window with volley
(Image: Twitter/Chris Dixon)

VIDEO: YouTuber ChrisMD smashes girlfriend’s car window with volley

Missed the goal.


Lovely cushioned header, for DIXOOOOONNNNNNNN pic.twitter.com/4N7TalcPCg

— Chris Dixon (@chrismd10) May 11, 2020

YouTuber Chris Dixon smashed his girlfriend’s car window after aiming a shot towards an awkward-sized goal placed on top of the vehicle.

Dixon, or ChrisMD, from Jersey claimed in the clip that his partner Shannon Langdon had said ‘YouTubers have no talent’ and he was tired of hearing that.


In an apparent attempt to prove her wrong, he directed a speculative volley towards the goal placed above Langdon’s car.

But what looks to be a maroon Fiat 500 suffered significant damage when the ball inevitably crashed through a window beside one of the front seats.