VAR screen stand smashed by Botafogo goalkeeper Gatito Fernández
(Image: YouTube/ CLM Futebol HD)

VIDEO: Botafogo goalkeeper Gatito Fernández smashes stand for pitch-side VAR screen in defeat to Internacional

Takes to Instagram to apologise for vandalism.



Botafogo goalkeeper Gatito Fernández smashed the stand for the pitch-side VAR screen following Saturday’s 0-2 defeat to Internacional.

Two first-half goals gave the visitors the win at the Olympic stadium in in Rio de Janeiro, and they lead Brazil’s Série A after six matches.

Angry from seeing his side having two strikes chalked off by VAR, Fernández lashed out at the stand after the game and sent it clattering to the turf.

He later apologised for the act on Instagram, saying:

With a cool head now, of course I’m sorry. It’s not something I’m proud of and I shouldn’t have done it.

I know my role, I know that I must set an example. But everything has a limit and we don’t even have a way of trying to improve things in refereeing.