VIDEO: Benfica captain Luisao knocks out referee in Dusseldorf friendly?

Luisao… Lui’s “ow!”? (Img: Reto Stauffer)
As you may glean from the the addition of a question mark to our heading, there is an element of doubt as to whether or not Benfica’s Brazilian captain Luisao can be fully blamed for referee Christian Fischer collapsing to the ground during the Portuguese side’s friendly against Fortuna Dusseldorf earlier today.

The German side intend to report the incident to UEFA, but although the official is said to have then lain “motionless” for a few seconds, the following video footage is inconclusive as to how much force Luisao used when confronting him…

Luisao said: “I was surprised. I did not make any move of aggression. I tried to be ahead of my colleagues and I saw the referee fall. I tried to talk to the assistants still on the pitch to explain my intention.

“I do not fear anything. I have a clear conscience and I will continue with my work.”

Fortuna president Peter Frymuth might have been going a little bit overboard when he said: “We should have been celebrating for ourselves, but we are now faced with a depressing action. We are speechless, we are dead with grief.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Luisao will face similar sanctions to those imposed upon Paulo Di Canio, who was suspended for 11 matches and fined £10000 after sending Paul Alcock tumbling comedically to the floor while playing for Sheffield Wednesday against Arsenal in 1998…