beIN SPORTS France pundit Omar Da Fonseca sings "Ne Me Dribble Pas", a song about defenders facing Barcelona's Lionel Messi
(Image: YouTube/beIN SPORTS France)

VIDEO: beIN SPORTS France pundit sings song about defenders who have to face Lionel Messi

"Ne Me Dribble Pas".

Omar da Fonseca, a former professional player and now pundit on beIN SPORTS France, performed a song about defenders having to face Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

The Argentine – formerly a striker at PSG, Monaco and Toulouse – sang “Ne Me Dribble Pas” from the perspective of a player trying to defend against his illustrious compatriot.

Vous devez savoir qui est vraiment @Omar_daFonseca quand l’antenne s’arrête !

Il fait le ménage sur le plateau de son émission. Grande capo ! ⤵️ pic.twitter.com/Qjg8fr6ynk

— Samuel Ollivier (@samuelollivier) April 25, 2019

A sample of the lyrical content roughly translates as follows:

Don’t dribble at me
Don’t dribble at me
You shouldn’t dribble
You can dribble past anything
You’ve already gotten away
I feel naked
I feel lost
I don’t know what I’m doing here any more
And if I’d known, I wouldn’t have come
Don’t dribble at me
Don’t dribble at me

I will give you some new young players
Who’ve never needed an osteopath
So you can dribble past them on your way to collecting another Ballon d’or
I will give them some nice pyjamas to lie down in while they think of you
Don’t dribble at me
Leo, stop that
Don’t dribble at me