Beau Brummie faces Hammerhead in a half-time mascot race at West Ham vs Birmingham in the FA Cup third round
(Image: Twitter/Ethan Georgiou)

VIDEO: Beau Brummie beats Hammerhead in half-time mascot race at West Ham vs Birmingham

Small victory for the visitors despite defeat at London Stadium.


Away from the football, I have some very important news…
Beau the Brummie beat Hammerhead in the half time mascot race! #BCFC #KRO #WHU pic.twitter.com/6XSqKUVwe1

— Ethan Georgiou (@EthanGeorgiou) January 5, 2019

Birmingham City mascot Beau Brummie was embroiled in a half-time race with the locals’ Hammerhead at the London Stadium on Saturday.

The Championship side had travelled to Premier League West Ham for an early kick-off in the third round of the FA Cup.

Yo Beau Brummie (@BCFC),
I’m looking forward to this race tomorrow. I’m unbeaten and it will stay that way.
hh pic.twitter.com/BRwWb7S5PS

— Hammerhead (@Hammerhead) January 4, 2019

The pair took part in a prearranged mascot race on the sidelines of the pitch as part of the half-time entertainment.

With the hosts already in front, the crowd get involved as the announcer bills the contest as “the finest sporting event since the Olympics in 2012”.

Ready for dis. Gunna smash it.
hh pic.twitter.com/0lYYk74ZEF

— Hammerhead (@Hammerhead) January 5, 2019

Birmingham’s dog mascot, Beau Brummie, is quick off the mark and takes a lead which Hammerhead is unable to overcome.

The game finished 2-0 to West Ham after an added time goal from substitute Andy Carroll making his way back from injury.

Woz a fix.
hh pic.twitter.com/TVn8xOR1g1

— Hammerhead (@Hammerhead) January 5, 2019