BBC News presenter Ros Atkins gives up on item during Colombia v England penalty shootout
(Image: Twitter/Ros Atkins)

VIDEO: BBC presenter abandons story during Colombia v England penalty shootout

Cheers from newsroom interrupt item about Spotify.


We seem to have gone viral overnight. I foolishly attempted to do a different story while England’s penalties played out. The commotion in the newsroom quickly ended that idea… as you’ll hear. @BBCWorld pic.twitter.com/3tYl3NWrXc

— Ros Atkins (@BBCRosAtkins) July 4, 2018

BBC News presenter Ros Atkins had to abandon an item mid-broadcast due to the noise of his colleagues watching England beat Colombia on penalties.

Atkins was trying to present a story about the proliferation of Drake’s music on Spotify for the programme Outside Source as the shootout unfolded.

He has to pause and explain that the loud cheering coming from the newsroom means that Colombia have just missed a penalty.

Initially he attempts to carry on, but it’s not long before he gives up entirely and talks about the match instead.

More cheers carry through as Eric Dier scores England’s decisive penalty, setting up a quarter-final against Sweden on Saturday.