Bari Supporter falls over barrier while celebrating goal at AC Locri 1909 in Italy's Serie D
(Image: Twitter/Stadito)

VIDEO: Bari fan falls over barrier celebrating goal in Serie D game at AC Locri

Tumbled out of the stand.


A Bari fan could be seen slowly falling over the barrier in front of him as he cheered following their opening goal against Locri 1909.

The supporter was at the front of the one of the stands at the Stadio Comunale Locri as Bari scored their first in the Italian Serie D Group I match.


As the players celebrated 35-year-old defender Valerio Di Cesare strike, he did too.

But then the man suddenly grabbed the railing next to him and managed to throw himself over it, landing out of sight.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Al 5' del secondo tempo Valerio Di Cesare porta i galletti in vantaggio con un gol di rapina al centro dell'area. #LocriBari 0-1 #sscbari #siamotutticonvocati

— SSC Bari (@sscalciobari) February 17, 2019

The hosts conceded three times in the second half and ended up losing 0-3.

Bari are bidding to return to the league system after being declared bankrupt after the end of last season.