Ball boy makes goal line clearance during Algerian reserves game between HB Chelghoum Laïd and MSP Batna
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VIDEO: Ball boy makes goal line clearance in Algerian reserve league match

Enters pitch and hacks away goal-bound effort.


A ball boy ran onto the pitch to make a goal line clearance during Saturday’s Algerian reserve league match between HB Chelghoum Laïd and MSP Batna.

As the attacking team broke and bore down on goal, the opposition goalkeeper came charging off his line and tried to intercept it outside the box.

En #Algérie, un ramasseur de balle se prend pour un gardien pour sauver son équipe d'un but tout fait. La scène s’est déroulée ce samedi lors d’un match de D2 opposant le HB Chelghoum Laïd au MSP Batna. pic.twitter.com/L7hkGxTBmd

— Hocine Lamriben (@Lamriben) February 27, 2021

The attacker slipped the ball past him and it was rolling into the empty net when the youngster intervened to hack it clear.

Even though it was clearly going in, the referee had to give a free kick according to the rules.

Fortunately it came late on with the score standing at 5-3, so it had little bearing on the eventual result.