Athletico-PR's Gabriel Poveda celebrates state championship win penalties win against Toledo too early
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VIDEO: Athletico-PR player celebrates with goalkeeper before penalty shootout is over

Was sent back to the centre circle so the game could finish.

An Athletico Paranaense player got confused and began to celebrate with the team’s goalkeeper before a penalty shootout at the end of a state championship final had been decided.

Athletico-PR beat Toledo 1-0 at Arena da Baixada on Sunday in the Campeonato Paranaense final second leg and a 1-1 aggregate score led to extra time and then, finally, penalties.

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— Irônicos da Baixada (@ironicosbaixada) April 23, 2019

Second-half substitute Gabriel Poveda ran from the centre circle to congratulate his teammate after Léo had saved a spot kick with the contest already having entered sudden death.

However 20-year-old Poveda had failed to realise that his side still had to score an additional penalty to win.


After calming himself down, the relatively inexperienced player was sent back to join the others.

Club Athletico Paranaense did eventually secure the title for a 25th time after winning 6-5 on penalties and the young forward managed to get his hands on the trophy.