Young talkSPORT caller Kevin pretends to be his dad and his dad's sister when asked for the bill payer's permission
(Image: Facebook/talkSPORT)

VIDEO: Young talkSPORT caller pretends to be different members of his family when asked for the bill payer’s permission

'Kevin' said he was 15 before farcical discussion.


A talkSPORT caller who said he was 15 years old masqueraded as his father and then his aunt after being asked if he’d got the bill payer’s permission.

talkSPORT listener Kevin got through to the late night Sports Bar programme with presenters Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy.


Before the conversation could get started, they respectfully enquired whether he’d received permission to make the call that Thursday.


In what first appeared to be an attempt to cover his tracks, Kevin put on a deeper voice and introduced himself as his own dad:

Hello, this is Kevin’s father, Schmeltz Herring.

However, the charade continued:

It’s Hannah, from São Paulo.


Goldstein and Cundy can be seen on the radio station’s webcam trying to contain their laughter while playing along.