Liverpool tour guide takes Trent Alexander-Arnold's corner against Barcelona at Anfield
(Image: Twitter/Matt Pamplin)

VIDEO: Anfield tour guide mimics Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner against Barcelona

Something to add to the itinerary.



Visitors to Anfield on a guided tour of the stadium were treated to a reconstruction of defender Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner that helped Liverpool to a Champions League semi-final win over Barcelona.

Quick thinking by the player caught the visitors unaware as Divock Origi received a pass and lashed the ball home to score the winner in 4-0 victory at the ground following a 3-0 defeat in the first leg.

One recent tour of Anfield saw the man leading it walk away from the corner flag before quickly turning back and pretending to play an invisible ball into the penalty area.

The group appeared delighted to see their guide replicating the recent but already historic moment in the very same corner of the pitch.