An amateur team played a trick on a referee checking boots before the game
(Image: Andy Hay)

VIDEO: Amateur team play trick on referee checking boots

Endless pre-match practical joke.


Class from these lads..!! Reckon the ref would still be checking boots now if they hadn't put an end to it..!! 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/xbybXquSIs

— SBO (@SBOnet_) December 13, 2016

In very windy conditions, watch an amateur side mess around during the pre-match boot check by each rejoining the line after their turn is done.

Taking advantage of the otherwise-occupied, stooped referee checking boots behind the line of players, who remains oblivious throughout, the practical joke appears endless.

Eventually though, the participants bring a halt to proceedings and everyone seems to see the funny side before the unidentified match gets started.