VIDEO: Alexis Sánchez tells kids not to smoke and drink, one asks “what about Vidal?”

Amusing interjection during Q&A session.

Alexis Sánchez tells children not to smoke and drink if they want to be a footballer
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@Alexis_Sanchez : “yo no fumaba ni tomaba”
– Cabro ql : “Y como el arturo?”
😂😂 pic.twitter.com/YGVBZXTzmp

— flower (@idieego) December 14, 2018

Speaking to a group of children, Alexis Sánchez advised aspiring footballers against drinking and smoking – only for one to ask, “What about Arturo Vidal?”

The injured Manchester United forward is currently recuperating in his native Chile, and he took part in a Q&A session with some young fans.

He might have realised he’d be in for a tough time when the first question put to him was “why did you break up with your girlfriend?”

Alexis: Pregunten lo que ustedes quieran.
Niño: Tío, ¿por qué terminó con la Mayte?
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/5v1PBsbPgh

— Maxi Arias Jerez (@maxiariasj) December 14, 2018

When he later said that he didn’t smoke or drink while trying to make his way in the game, one switched-on kid asked, “What about Arturo?”

Sánchez responded that Barcelona midfielder Vidal is an adult, while his advice pertains to youngsters.

Vidal’s is notorious for his off-pitch antics, with his former international manager Jorge Sampaoli telling journalists in 2015:

He likes to drink and doesn’t control himself. When we were coming back on the plane from Lima, he asked me if he could open a beer he had bought at the airport.

I told him no, that there would be directors and others on the plane.

He ended up getting a bottle of whisky with some others anyway and I ended up having to fire the driver, even though I knew that it was Vidal’s fault.