Alexis Sánchez tells children not to smoke and drink if they want to be a footballer
(Image: Twitter/@idieego)

VIDEO: Alexis Sánchez tells kids not to smoke and drink, one asks “what about Vidal?”

Amusing interjection during Q&A session.



Speaking to a group of children, Alexis Sánchez advised aspiring footballers against drinking and smoking – only for one to ask, “What about Arturo Vidal?”

The injured Manchester United forward is currently recuperating in his native Chile, and he took part in a Q&A session with some young fans.

He might have realised he’d be in for a tough time when the first question put to him was “why did you break up with your girlfriend?”


When he later said that he didn’t smoke or drink while trying to make his way in the game, one switched-on kid asked, “What about Arturo?”

Sánchez responded that Barcelona midfielder Vidal is an adult, while his advice pertains to youngsters.

Vidal’s is notorious for his off-pitch antics, with his former international manager Jorge Sampaoli telling journalists in 2015:

He likes to drink and doesn’t control himself. When we were coming back on the plane from Lima, he asked me if he could open a beer he had bought at the airport.

I told him no, that there would be directors and others on the plane.

He ended up getting a bottle of whisky with some others anyway and I ended up having to fire the driver, even though I knew that it was Vidal’s fault.