Tak Chun Ka I 21-18 Hang Sai in Taça de Macau in protest at national team withdrawal from World Cup qualifier in Sri Lanka

VIDEO: 39 goals scored in Macau cup game in protest at the international side withdrawing from World Cup qualifier

Players upset after the national side refused to travel to Sri Lanka, citing security concerns.


Tak Chun Ka I beat Hang Sai 21-18 in a Taça de Macau game that neither team approached professionally in protest at the Macau FA’s decision to withdraw the national side from a World Cup 2022 qualifier against Sri Lanka.

Citing security concerns in the country, Macau failed to turn up for the return leg of the fixture that was due to be played in Colombo on Tuesday despite being 1-0 up from the first leg.

Disgruntled players on both sides continued to show their displeasure at the decision in the cup clash on Sunday, following the captain’s letter to FIFA.

The teams put in little effort as they walked around the pitch lackadaisically and even allowed one of the goalkeepers to grab a goal.


The squad members were also observed applauding after conceding in the play-off game to reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

Stadium officials at the Lin Fong Sports Centre appeared to lose count with the scoreboard reportedly showing 21-17 at full-time although the official result was recorded as 21-18.