Sunday league team Duckpond FC celebrate their successful season with an open-top bus parade
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VIDEO: Sunday League side Duckpond take open-top bus parade after league and cup double

Champions of Essex flaunt their success.

Essex-based Sunday league team Duckpond celebrated winning the Colchester and District League and Fowler Memorial Cup double with an open-top bus parade.

Club founder and player-manager Michael Hammond spent £4,000 on the day out, with the double-decker bus travelling around Harwich on Saturday.

@DuckpondFc thanks for a great and entertaining afternoon!! Chris the bus driver pic.twitter.com/krkVjAg4yP

— Chris Sampson (@hha124l) June 15, 2019

His outlay also included the hiring of a plane to trail a banner reading “Duckpond FC Champions of Essex”.

Named after Cox’s Pond in Harwich, Duckpond have now won every division in their league since forming in 2011 and apparently always celebrate in this manner.


All that partying clearly took its toll on at least one of the players, who’s caught on camera throwing up towards the end of this video.