TWEETS: Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla Spurs sign & apology

Arsenal's Santi Cazorla is forced to apologise after posing for a photo while holding a sign containing an expletive-ridden insult aimed at Spurs.

The Santi Cazorla Spurs sign
RUDE: Cazorla (Image: Twitter/ZouMSS)

See the now infamous Santi Cazorla Spurs sign photo and the subsequent apology from the Arsenal player on behalf of himself and Robert Pirès who was also pictured.

One cheeky female fan tweeted a picture of herself with the two Arsenal heroes, while Santi Cazorla held up a crudely put-together sign that used a four-letter expletive to describe north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

See the Cazorla Spurs sign in the original tweet below:

Hey you gunners this is for you enjoy #santi #pires pic.twitter.com/i7BQTkuN4o

— . (@ZouMSS) January 19, 2014

A media and social network storm erupted following the apparent overt insult by the highly paid professional and Cazorla was forced to issue an apology via his own Twitter account.

The Spaniard offers his and the former French international’s “apoligizes” to the Spurs fans, claiming the pair “couldn’t see the paper”.

Our apoligizes to the Totenham fans, we couldn't see the paper. #alwaysfootballalwaysrespect @piresrobert7 and @19SCazorla

— Santi Cazorla (@19SCazorla) January 20, 2014

In a bid to compensate for his behaviour, the tweet is accompanied by the #alwaysfootballalwaysrespect hashtag.

Robert Pirès however, is yet to comment personally.

The user who uploaded the photograph, known as ZouMSS or Zoumms, describes herself as a 24-year-old in Paris, saying:

It’s not easy to be a Gooner, but it’s hard not to love this team

And, as well as welcoming and retweeting the inevitable attention from male fans around the globe, has now started taking interview requests:

@SkySportsNews hi sure !

— . (@ZouMSS) January 20, 2014